Ethicon Dermabond MINI High Viscosity Skin Adhesive - 12 Ampoules

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Dermabond Pack of 12 vials by Ethicon provides both skin closure and microbial protection for a variety of surgical procedures.

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Studies show that Dermabond is an effective barrier to microbial penetration and show significantly fewer incidences of SSI. Sloughs off in 5-10 days. It is strong, flexible and needle-free. This skin adhesive works just as well as sutures. 

Dermabond comes in four versions:

• Dermabond MINI - small vial for use in the emergency room 
• Dermabond Regular - vial for use in emergency and operating rooms
• Dermabond ProPen - ease of use and improved control
• Dermabond Advanced - stronger formula, one-layer application.

Dermabond is a liquid skin adhesive. This liquid skin adhesive is intended for topical use only. Dermabond is used to bind cuts, wounds and incisions in the face, torso and extremities.

This High Viscosity Dermabond skin glue is particularly suitable for those who wish to maintain their typical daily routine without suffering pain and the need for bandages. The removal of sutures or staples isn't necessary; the skin adhesive will simply come away on its own once the wound has healed. 

As there are no stitches, there is no chance of the discoloration or scars that stitches can leave around wounds and incisions. 

Dermabond High Viscosity may be used in combination with, but not in place of subcutaneous sutures. 

One ampoule contains just the right amount of glue needed for wound treatment. 

The skin adhesive has an easy to use Dome tip applicator. These fine tips ensure that the adhesive can be placed with great accuracy. 

High Viscosity Dermabond skin adhesive: Key Takeways

High viscosity

  Ideal for long incisions (over 25 cm)

  Provides maximum control over the placement

  Optimal ease of use

  Amount: 12 ampoules

  Content: 0.3 ml