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Sissel Kinesiology tape for Muscle Support helps prevent injury and assists in recovery. K-Tape is a cost effective, high quality kinesiology tape for correcting muscle imbalances, improving circulation and posture realignment. It can also reduce pain, improve muscle function, eliminate circulation restriction and support joint function.

Laura Gardner-Wedge, MSc, MCSP, HCPC Chartered Physiotherapist is a firm believer - “absolutely love the Sissel K-Tape and preparation gel. I’ve even been using it on the tennis court for treatments at professional events with great success, even mid-match. It's great stuff.“

SISSEL Kinesiology tape is a high quality waterproof, breathable, and hypoallergenic cotton tape that stretches along its length but not width ways. This direction of stretch gives SISSEL Kinesiology tape its properties and lends itself to the four application techniques.

  • muscle technique
    • used to increase or decrease muscle tension
    • leading to improved performance
    • pain reduction
    • reduces recovery times
  • ligament technique
    • to support injured ligaments and tendons
    • reducing pressure and pain
  • mechanical techniques
    • functional - correcting abnormal bony positions
    • fascia - correcting adhesions within muscle fascia
  • lymphatic technique
    • increase the space between the skin and subcutaneous tissue making it easier for the lymph fluid to flow out of the interstitial space
    • improving mobility of filaments between the initial lymph vessel endothelium cells and the elastic fibres within the connective tissue.

Sissel K-Tape: Key Takeaways

  • Kinesiology tape for support and activation of multi-functional body performance
  • Multi-use e.g. for rehabilitation, support, sports performance improvement
  • Helps with pain reduction and improves muscle function
  • Eliminate circulatory restrictions and supports joint function
  • Can be applied to muscle, ligament and lymphatic technique
  • Can be used for both functional and fascia mechanical correction
  • Can be applied stretched or un-stretched, depending on the application required.
    • stretched - to pull joints together
    • un-stretched - over muscle
  • All the benefits of K-Tape® in a individual pack
  • Individual, pre-cut and shaped K-Tape for specific applications
    • knee/wrist pain
    • ankle pain
    • back pain
    • shoulder/neck tensions
    • hematomas
    • bladder/menstrual pain
  • can be worn for several days at a time to prolonging the treatment
  • can be used in conjunction with rehabilitation programmes
  • can be used in conjunction with Cross Tape
  • made from high quality cotton
  • contains no active ingredients or medication

Tape Specification:

Tape Size: 50mm x 5m

Composition: 96% cotton 4% Lycra

Material: pH neutral, medical grade acrylic adhesive, waterproof, breathable, hypoallergenic

Colours: Blue & Red

The four colours - red, blue, black and beige are identical in strength, length and manufacture. 

  • blue to reduce tension
  • red to enhance
  • black for sport
  • beige for facial applications