Intersugical Respiratory Humdifier

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Respiratory Humidifer including dual temperature probe

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The Intersurgical 7000 Series Respiratory Humidifer base is fully compatible with the active humidifcation breathing systems, humidifcation chambers and electrical adapter leads, and can be used on adult, paediatric and neonatal patients in the intensive care areas. All humidifers include a dual temperature probe as part of the package ready to use straight from the box.

The 7000 Series Respiratory Humidifier provides a further customer option for active humidification, a complete solution in this clinical area, alongside the extensive range of breathing systems and accessories for adults, paediatrics and neonates.

The 7000 Series Respiratory Humidifier offers several advanced features, including one touch mounting of a humidification chamber, auto modes with preset temperatures, alarm location panel and a configurable temperature display. An additional manual mode allows the clinician to select their desired temperatures.

7000 Series Respiratory Humidifier | Key Takeaways

Simple intuitive device whilst providing advanced options

The user has the choice of which temperature is displayed as default option

Includes a Manual mode option, allowing users the ability to pre-set airway and chamber temperature

Mode default - reverts to last setting used

An alarm indicator panel with icon display of alarm location and priority

A dual temperature probe is included in the package

Locking Button

One touch mounting allows for easy insertion and removal of the humidification chamber

Advanced Heater Plate

Prevents the heater plate warming if a chamber is not present

Configurable Display

Choice of chamber or patient end airway temperature

Alarm Indicator Panel

Highlights alarm location and priority

Mode Selection

IPPV, NIV and a Manual mode which allows the user to set the desired temperatures