Gloup Medicine Swallowing Gel

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Swallowing Gel For Medication

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Do you have difficulty swallowing medication?

It can be quite difficult to swallow medication. Sort throats or oral pain, for example, can make swallowing particularly difficult and not everyone can just easily swallow their medicines with a glass of water.
Many people also develop a medication intake problem or dysphagia. When confronted with diseases like Parkinson, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Sjogren and many others, the continuous use of medication slows down the saliva production. Also some specific diseases weaken the muscles and cause nerve- problems which result in a reduced ability to swallow. For most of these people, Gloup is a real solution.

Medication Intake Problems

Due to these medication intake problems (MIP), often people don't take their medication. Or they open up their capsules or crush their tablets. Usually without telling their doctor or pharmacist. In most cases, this is not a good idea and can sometimes be quite dangerous. People often try to use yoghurt or similar desserts to help swallow their tablets.
Taking medication in combination woth food like yoghurt, can seriously change the effect of the medication taken. Although it is not always warned against, it has got two potential drawbacks. These drawbacks are basically a reduced effectiveness because of components in the dairy products and a second is the lower dissolution of the medication in the stomach. If medication does not dissolve in the stomach as it should, the medication is not taken up by the body. In other words, you will not have the effect that was prescribed to you.
Gloup is the first product that really helps patients with MIP, everyone from the age of two and for every medicine that has to be swallowed. A practical solution, as simple as it is effective.

Making medication save and easy to swallow

Gloup Swallowing gel is a lubricant that makes the intake of oral tablets and medication a more comfortable and safer experience for the patient. Gloup enables tablets, capsules, vitamins and powders easier to be swallowed more easily.
Gloup is proven to be as safe as water. This slippery gel consists of food based ingredients that have no known interactions with medications. The ingredients also break down almost immediately once the medication hits the acidic environment of the stomach, thus having minimal impact on the absorption of the medication.

Flavour and sugar-free options

There are two flavour options:
Gloup Original, has a Strawberry/ Banana flavour which contains 10% sugar and has been well received all age groups.
Gloup Zero Sugarfree, which has raspberry flavour. This version contains aspartame as a sweetener. 

Gloup Swallowing Gel | Key Takeaways

✔  Thick, slippery gel that makes medicines easier to swallow.
✔  Pleasant, fresh strawberry/banana, raspberry or vanilla flavour that disguises the taste of medicines.
✔  Consists of >99% natural ingredients, all with ‘food grade’ status, the original version is 100% natural.
✔  Effectively moistes the mouth and throat without sticking to the roof of the mouth.
✔  Biodegrades into inactive elements in the stomach as a result of the acidic environment.
✔  Does not contain gluten or lactose
✔  Sugarfree version available
✔  Can be used in most situations with no known interactions with existing medicines.
✔  Not suitable for infants less than 2 years old.
✔  Shelf life of 60 days once opened.
✔  Can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated.


Weight (kg)0.062
+Measurement principle: Glucose dehydrogenase (electrochemical)
+Range of measurement: 0.6 - 33.3 mmol/L
+Measuring time: 5 seconds
+Operating temperature: 6° - 44°C (43° - 111°F)
+Sample volume: 0.6µL
+Haematocrit range: 10 - 70%