MediGenix MESH Nebulizer

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A compact, portable nebulizer using the latest ultrasonic MESH technology to deliver medication straight to the lungs.

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The MediGenix Mesh Nebulizer is the latest in nebulizer technology for home use. It is a compact medical device designed to efficiently deliver a stream of vaporised, prescribed medication directly to the lungs where it is needed.

The latest Mesh technology produces a finer mist than traditional nebulizers and delivers the mist in quicker time with less wastage.

The Mesh Nebulizer aids in the treatment of both chronic conditions and acute lung infections such as COPD, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, emphysema and asthma. The silent operation makes it ideal to use on both young and elderly patients and its compact size makes in conveniently portable.

Dimensions of nebuliser unit: 12.5cm (H) x 5cm (W) x 4.5cm (D) and weighs 155 grams. Weight with accessories: 435 grams.

Safety Information: Do not let children play with the MediGenix MESH Nebulizer as it is a sophisticated piece or equipment and should be looked after. Follow the instructions in the User Manual and ensure you clean the nebulizer after using so as to prolong the life of the MESH component.

Directions: Only use doctor prescribed medication in the MediGenix MESH Nebulizer and adhere to the doctor's dosage instructions.

Insert the batteries that are included with the nebulizer.

Lift the lid by unclipping it; pour the correct amount of doctor prescribed medication into the medicine tank; clip the lid closed again; attach the mouth piece or mask and push the ON button to commence treatment. Continue until all the medication has been vaporized. NEVER use oil or oil based products in this nebulizer.