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Maternity Support Belt - Style B

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Pelvic Instability Belt With Extra Support

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The Maternity Belt is a pelvic support belt is maded in stronger lenoweave elastic/cotton mix for additional support.

This extra supportive maternity belt is 20cm depth at the back and 17cm at the front. The design makes this support belt comfortable to wear while sitting and does not have the tendency to roll up.

The Maternity Belt provides strong circumferential support around the pelvic area while providing improved shaping to the sacrum. It comfortably and firmly holds and supports the two sacroiliac joints and the symphis pubis joint.

There is a choice of white or black belt options.

Maternity Stability Belt | Suitable For

Relief from antenatal or postnatal back pain.

Maternity Stability Belt | Key Takeaways

Cut away design at the front gives comfort when sitting and prevents belt from rolling up.

Angled posterior seams give improved shaping around the sacrum.

Made in stronger lenoweave elastic/cotton mix for extra support.

Back depth 20cm, front depth 17cm.

Available in choice of black or white

Maternity Stability Belt | Sizing Table

Code (White)
Code (Black)Circumference (At widest part of abdomen)
MBB/1MBB/1/BK90 - 96 cm
MBB/2MBB/2/BK96 - 102 cm
MBB/3MBB/3/BK102 - 108 cm
MBB/4MBB/4/BK108 - 116 cm
MBB/5MBB/5/BK116 - 126 cm
MBB/6MBB/6/BK126 - 136 cm
MBB/7MBB/7/BK136 - 146 cm
MBB/8MBB/8/BK146 - 156 cm
MBB/9MBB/9/BK156 - 165 cm
MBB/10MBB/10/BK165 - 178 cm
MBB/11MBB/11/BK178 - 185 cm
MBB/12MBB/12/BK185 - 196 c