Geemarc Alarm Bracelet with Fall Detection

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Remote Control Fall Detection Device

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Vibrating Functionality

Before sending the automatic fall detection alarm to the home unit, the remote vibrates and the red LED blinks for a duration of 20 seconds. During this time, the

alarm can be cancelled by covering the remote with one hand until the vibrations stop. 

Types of falls Detected by Remote Fall Detection Bracelet

Unconsciousness or unable to press the button after a heavy fall or a major loss of balance in an everyday situation. 

In the bathroom, getting out of bed or while moving about the home (lying down, sitting down, eating, walking, reading, going up or down stairs, etc.).

The remote may not detect certain falls (i.e. soft falls, controlled falling/sliding down a wall or into a chair).

The fall detection technologies used in the remote solution cannot analyse/interpret all situations.

If a fall is not detected, the wearer can trigger the alarm at any time by pressing the pushbutton.

Remote Control Fall Detection Device: Key Takeways

✔  Ergonomic bracelet and button

✔  Manual and automatic alarm trigger

✔  Trigger confirmation by vibrating and LED

✔  The bracelet vibrates before sending alarm

✔  Geemarc radio protocol

✔  Radio frequency (social alarm) : 869.2125 MHz / 869.2375 MHz

✔  Long range, up to 200 outdoors

✔  Dimensions : 37 x 33 mm ; Thickness : 12,7 mm

✔  Bracelet material: hypoallergenic rubber

✔  Works with lithium CR2477 removable battery

✔  Battery life: up to 2 years

✔  Weight : 35g

✔  Waterproof IP67 

✔  Compatible with Serenities CL650ID