Boston Advance Multipack Contact Lens Cleaning Kit

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Contact Lens Cleaning Pack for rigid and gas permeable contact lenses

ontact lens cleaning kit for rigid and gas permeable contact lenses

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Boston Advance Multipack contact lens cleaning kit for rigid and gas permeable contact lenses.

The lens cleaning pack includes three bottles of cleaning solution and three bottles of conditioning solution, meaning you can clean, disinfect, rinse, store and condition your gas permeable contact lenses.

Boston Advance Cleaner effectively removes lipids and other oil-based contaminants. The friction enhancing agent gently removes stubborn protein deposits and bacteria left on your lenses after use, eliminating the need for protein removing tablets for most lens wearers. With this added protection, eyes will be free from irritation and enabling wearers the benefit of all-day, clear vision. 

After using the cleaning solution, the conditioning solution should be applied for rinsing and storing your contact lenses.

provide safe cleaning, disinfection and storage, in addition to significantly enhancing wearing comfort on insertion and throughout the day. This is achieved with a unique combination of biocompatible, moisture-retaining conditioning agents which improve wetting, cushion the lens and reduce lens-lid interaction providing a soothing layer of moisture, keeping them smooth and hydrated through their entire wearing cycle.

Boston Advance Multipack Contact Lens Kit provides the cleaning solutions to deliver freshness, comfort and hygiene. 

Boston Advance Multipack is designed for use with gas permeable contact lenses, and is not suitable for use with soft contact lenses. It's special formula makes the solution tinted, so you can easily identified if it hasn't been rinsed away. But remember it should be thoroughly rinsed away from the contact lenses.

Boston Advance Multipack - Key Takeaways

Boston Advance Formula Soaking Conditioning Solution 120ml x 3

Boston Advance Formula Cleaner 30ml x 3

Contact Lens Case

Boston Advance Multipack - Key Takeaways

Multi-polymer action

Multi-pack of contact lens cleaner and conditioning solution

Designed to clean, store and condition contacts


Active IngredientsSunflower Seed Oil, Capsule Shell (Gelatin, Glycerol, Beeswax, Colour: Red Iron Oxide), Marigold Extract, Beeswax