Qardio Arm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

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Portable Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

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QardioArm is a clinically validated, portable blood pressure monitor that provides users with a smart way to measure and track their heart health.

QardioArm is easy to use, simply unwrap the device, slip the inflatable cuff around your arm and tap the START button on your smartphone or tablet. This device works with a smartphone or tablet to store, analyze and share blood pressure measurements.

QuardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor - The Key Takeaways

Accurate & Clinically Validated
QardioArm measures your systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate and has irregular heartbeat detection. It is FDA (CE Marked etc) approved and its accuracy is clinically validated to meet both US and European Standards.

Simple To Set Up
QardioArm works wirelessly with the free Qardio App, which enhances its functionality with useful and unique features. Simply touch your smartphone or tablet to your QardioArm for one step pairing. It’s that easy.

Easy To Use
All your readings are stored automatically in Qardio’s secure, HIPAA compliant cloud. You can view your trends, charts and averages right on your screen.

Portable & Discreet Design
QardioArm’s elegant and compact design means you can always have it by your side, using it anytime, anywhere. In fact, its unique function PLACES allows you to geo-track your readings across location, analyzing how changes in lifestyle impact your health.

View your results against the World Health Organization chart for an easy-to-understand interpretation and follow your trends with simple graphs and charts.

Made For Data Sharing
QardioArm can be paired with up to 8 smartphones or tablets at any given time. Share your data automatically with friends and family using the in-app function or send your results to your doctor via email.

Packed With Useful Features
Set goals and reminders, track irregularities or perform triple measurement averaging. The Qardio App is full of useful features, making blood pressure management super easy.

Enhanced Accuracy
The photo slideshow feature encourages relaxation during your measurements, turning blood pressure time into an enjoyable moment.

Advanced Integrated Technology
QardioArm works with S Health, pre-installed or available to download for your Android device. The Qardio App is also integrated with Apple Health and supports Apple Watch, so checking on your health or the health of your loved ones is as easy as checking the time.


Cuff Size8.7-14.6 in circumference (22-37cm)
MeasurementOscillometric method with automatic inflation and controlled pressure release valve
Measurement Range40-250 mm Hg for blood pressure | 40-200 beats/min for pulse
Measurement Resolution1mm Hg for blood pressure |1 beat/min for pulse
Irregular Heart BeatQardioArm provides Irregular Heart Beat detection
Power Source4 x 1.5V Batteries - Size AAA supplied
Works WithiOS 7.0 or later Kindle Android 4.4 or later Android Wear and Apple Watch. Requires Bluetooth 4.0.
Irregular Heart Beat DetectionYes
Result InterpretationYes
Geo TrackingYes
Android and Kindle CompatibleYes
Triple MeasurementYes
Charts and GraphsYes
Weight0.68 lb (310g) including batteries
Easy Data SharingYes
Email Data to DoctorYes
Device Dimensions5.5 x 2.7 x 1.5 in (140 x 68 x 38 mm)